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This is Your Time

Welcome to All You Are Meant to Be in mind, body, and spirit. Have you ever asked, what now, God? Have you spent your life taking care of others and putting yourself last?

Not because you are a martyr, but because you felt this inner calling to pour yourself into your children, your career, marriage, your ailing parents? And realizing that somewhere along the way, the more you poured into others, the more you were not pouring into yourself, feeding your soul. You put yourself so far on the back burner that you couldn't feel the heat.

Your dreams, your passions, and your goals were getting cold and stale. You started questioning your worth and wondering what you have to offer. Wondering what is your purpose.

Perhaps your health got in the way. When we ignore ourselves, our body has a way of making us stop and pay attention. But we get busy and prolong doctor appointments or eat poorly, promising to do better tomorrow.

This longing for self combined with self-sabotage is common. 

This is why I created this space, All You Are Meant to Be. To let you know you are not alone. You don't have to experience those thoughts by yourself, and you don't have to stay stuck with habits that no longer serve you.

 I am Theresa, a retired newspaper journalist who had big plans for a new career after early retirement in 2009.

Instead, I encountered what I called my decade of Job, where I lost my family, my wealth, my home, and eventually my health, so I had to relearn to walk and breathe in 2020. The year I called my year of vision.

I experienced multiple challenges and numerous losses, but never my faith in God and myself. I realized God gave me a creative spirit and numerous gifts, and there was still much more in store for me to accomplish so I could be all I was meant to be.

Today, I am a hospice chaplain, a writer, a singer-songwriter, a transformational coach, and a business owner.

At All You Are Meant To Be, you will find stories of resilience, hope, and peace, recipes, prayers, and a way to connect with me as your guide to finding how you can be All You Are Meant to Be. Hint: It's already inside you, but sometimes old habits and thoughts keep you stuck.

If these words speak to you, let's connect.

You can also sign up for an online coaching call and learn about my coaching services. God's got you. And so do I.

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